ARCs are going out!

Hey everyone!

I’m just surfacing for some air. Then I’m going back under.

But really, that is kind of how it feels. Happily is finally through the editing process (which has kept me very busy) and is ready to go out to early readers. So, in other words, guess what I’ll be doing for the next few days?

If you guessed ‘Making a whole lot of review requests,’ then reach up and pat yourself on the back!

I’m looking forward to it, though. I’ve been so busy editing lately that I haven’t had much time to go blog hopping and see what all my bookblogging friends are up to. This gives me a terrific excuse to see what’s been happening in their worlds.

Okay, that’s it! If I haven’t already dropped you an email begging asking for a review from you, then I soon will! If you don’t want to wait, feel free to beat me to the punch and request a copy!

Happy reading!

Almost there…. (and cover release 2.0)

Hey friends!

That’s a GIF of me, in my Editing X-Wing, with my sights set on the ARC release date for Happily. We’re almost there.

Hopefully everything goes smoothly and I don’t get shot down my Darth Vader or anything (spoiler alert!).

The release date for the ARC is still the same, as is the official publication date. However, something that has changed is the cover art!

I got a bit excited with the last cover, and sent it out into the world before it was ready. Part of the problem is that Happily is a bit of a new genre for me, and while the story came off smoothly, I was having a rough time coming up with cover art that suited it well, and looked good. The end result (my previous cover art), accomplished neither of those objectives. It wasn’t dreadful, I suppose, but it wasn’t right, either.

After quite a bit of brainstorming, drafting, editing, and several other verbs, I’m pleased to finally present to you the actual cover for Happily. Please enjoy responsibly.