Almost there…. (and cover release 2.0)

Hey friends!

That’s a GIF of me, in my Editing X-Wing, with my sights set on the ARC release date for Happily. We’re almost there.

Hopefully everything goes smoothly and I don’t get shot down my Darth Vader or anything (spoiler alert!).

The release date for the ARC is still the same, as is the official publication date. However, something that has changed is the cover art!

I got a bit excited with the last cover, and sent it out into the world before it was ready. Part of the problem is that Happily is a bit of a new genre for me, and while the story came off smoothly, I was having a rough time coming up with cover art that suited it well, and looked good. The end result (my previous cover art), accomplished neither of those objectives. It wasn’t dreadful, I suppose, but it wasn’t right, either.

After quite a bit of brainstorming, drafting, editing, and several other verbs, I’m pleased to finally present to you the actual cover for Happily. Please enjoy responsibly.

26 thoughts on “Almost there…. (and cover release 2.0)”

    1. Thank you! It seemed appropriate to the story and nice to look at. Whenever I can get those two elements worked into the same cover, I’m happy. Since my abilities and resources are pretty limited, I’m always very grateful to end up with something I feel so good about. 🙂

    1. Thank you! The previous one…. Well, it was okay, but not very well suited to this book. And even then, it wasn’t very good. I’m much happier with this one!

    1. Haha, thank you! I’m excited to get this one out there!
      Poor Red Leader…. I loved that they used the old footage of him in Rogue One.

    1. Thank you! I definitely spent some time looking over them in search of inspiration, so I’m glad to see it was time well spent! 🙂

    1. Whew! Thank goodness. If you were one of those never-seen-a-star-wars people… I’d probably implode out of anxiety for you or something.
      Goodness, now I feel like I need to go down a list of movies….. I’ll fight the urge, for both our sakes. 🙂

      1. hehe don’t worry, I’ve seen it (though growing up I had only seen Episode 1, so my friends had to physically sit me down and prove to me that the originals are in fact awesome 😉 )
        hahahaha I’m sure there are *loads* more very famous movies you’ll be shocked I’ve not seen 😉

        1. Oh, I don’t know about that. I’m starting to think that, at this point, I’d believe about anything. Glad we can look past our differences, though. 🙂

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