Live Feed





Just kidding. This is not a live feed, although it isn’t that much different from what a live feed would look like. Much of my work is done at a computer, either writing, editing, or researching. If you would like a more detailed accounting, you can read up on my most recent activities on The First Million Words. However, generally my workday follows this format:

  1. Write 2,000 words, or about 10 pages of manuscript.
  2. Develop for at least 1 hour—this can be research or outlining for an upcoming story, editing and revising a draft, or reading up on the world of publishing.
  3. Handle any communications.
  4. Read.

If you throw into that list a few short breaks for snacks and a few longer breaks for playing imagination games with my children, you’ll have a pretty good handle on what my working time is like.