Not My First Chicken Story

Well, surprise, surprise. The things that a person can forget! I recently discovered that Home to Roost is not my first story featuring chickens. Actually, I suppose it was my mother who made the discovery. She was going through a box of school things, and found two stories I’d written.

Sadly, one of them was 75 percent illegible. I tried working it out, but just couldn’t. Must’ve been from first grade, based on the penmanship. Fun fact: In first grade, I would try to write stories for my teacher to read to the class. Unfortunately, I was too lazy to put spaces between the words, so they were really, really hard to read. My teacher, Ms. B., would try to get me to add the spaces. Instead, I started putting boxes around the words. It didn’t really help–it just cluttered up the page.  But I digress.

The other story was legible (fortunately?). I’m not sure what grade it came from. It was found among my younger brother’s old school stuff, but it was definitely written by me. Why? When? No idea. But here it is. I’ve kept the typos intact.



By Chauncey Rogers


one upon a time there was a cool little boy named Payton. One day he was outside and a giant chicken suddenly picked him up! It was a good thing Theo was outside, jumping on the trampoline. He jumped up and grabed on too.

The chicken flew them all the way to Fiji. “Vwow!” said Theo. They were walking along when all of a sudden Indeans jumped out and tired to chop their heads off. Theo and Payton looked at eachother, then they pulled out their swords and chopped the Indeans to bits. Then they stole the ded Indeans boat and sailed back to America “Where were you?” asked Chauncey. “To the store.” said Payton.

The End

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