Color Photos with Explanations

Okay, as promised, here are the color versions of those same pictures from yesterday’s post, along with an explanation for why I chose them. These pictures each reveal something about me, but taken altogether, they reveal that my photography skills are not fully developed.


I chose a picture of our Christmas tree because I love Christmas. I love seeing family, sipping hot chocolate, decorating, wearing sweaters and scarves–it’s all wonderful. Additionally, my faith is a big part of my life, and I love taking time to remember the babe of Bethlehem.
You’ll also notice the candy canes. We love sweets. We also had to place them a bit higher up, because there are some little hands in our house who will otherwise get them.


This is our family crest. The shield isn’t my design–it’s traditional. One sword has the family motto inscribed on it in Latin and English: “Love Conquers All.” The other is inscribed with “Happily Ever After” and “For Time and Eternity.” The swords are also replicas of Anduril, fromĀ The Lord of the Rings, because we’re big Tolkien fans.


My daughter picked these bouquets. The vase on the left was made in Tajikistan, and was gifted to us by family. The vase on the right is a shell from an A-10 Warthog cannon, and it was also a gift. We trade out wildflower bouquets frequently, thanks to our kids.


For a long while I didn’t read fiction. It started off with me reading military history, and then expanded into general history. This is my history bookshelf. I wish I could say I’d read all of those books, but I haven’t. Nearly all of them are about WWII, but a good handful are about the US Civil War. The crossed sabers were souvenirs from a trip to Gettysburg, PA. The Soviet-era beaver fur hat came from Russia, and was a souvenir my parents brought back when I was younger. The helmet beside it is from WWII.
History of all kinds is important to me. I believe that understanding how we got where we are today is crucial in understanding the path to where we want to be tomorrow.


The final picture is of my adventuring hat. Around 2002, my parents adopted my younger brother from Russia. This hat was brought back and given to me, and I’ve worn it on many, many adventures since. I enjoy new experiences and being outdoors, and this hat shows up in a lot of family videos and photographs as a companion through them all.