Current Projects

Looking forward to a particular story? You can track its progress here. Please understand, however, that these are approximations. Writing a story can be a messy and complicated venture, and production timelines can shift rather unexpectedly and dramatically.



There is someone watching Kat. She can feel it when she goes out. She can feel it when she’s sitting at home. She feels it when she’s lying in her bed. Her husband, Alex, wants to blame her anxiety on her pregnancy, but she knows that this is far more serious than that. When Alex takes her on a second honeymoon to get her mind off things, it becomes far more dangerous as well.

Current Status: In beta and making final edits, likely to publish in the next month or two.



The prince made three mistakes: first, he fell madly in love with a stranger. Second, he lost her. Third, he announced to the kingdom his plan to identify her based on her shoe. Now a desperate group of thieves and con-artists are determined to pull off the ultimate heist and put one of their own on the throne. But they’re up against the clock, and the consequences for failure are more dire and deadly than a carriage changing back to a pumpkin.

Current Status: Writing the First Draft